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Affibody’s Partner Rallybio Presents Phase 1 Results at the 29th International Complement Workshop (ICW 2023)


September 3, 2023

Solna, Sweden, September 3, 2023. Affibody’s partner Rallybio Corporation (Nasdaq: RLYB) today presented results from the Phase 1 first-in-human clinical study of RLYB116 as a poster at ICW 2023 in Newcastle, UK. RLYB116 is an Affibody® molecule with high affinity for blocking C5 with an albumin binding domain for half-life extension. It is in development for the treatment of patients with complement-mediated diseases.

The data presented demonstrates that single-dose administration of RLYB116 at the two higher doses of 100 mg and 300 mg resulted in maximum exposures of greater than 1 µM and 3 µM, respectively, and greater than 99% reductions in free C5 concentrations. Subcutaneously administered RLYB116 was observed to be generally well-tolerated as a single 100 mg or 300 mg dose, with mild to moderate adverse events and no drug-related serious adverse events.

The title of the poster is: Phase 1 clinical data for single-dose subcutaneous injection of RLYB116, a C5 blocking Affibody® molecule linked to an Albumod® albumin binding domain.

It is available on Rallybio’s website:
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