Affibody Medical Research & Development

Our Pipeline

Affibody has a broad pipeline with the most advanced projects in clinical studies. The pipeline is designed to demonstrate the value and versatility of the Affibody® technology.


Autoimmunity can cause a wide range of diseases and is usually triggered by multiple factors in a biological response that is influenced by highly potent signaling molecules. There is an intense focus on the development of new therapies to counteract these types of harmful processes. Drugs in this field should ideally be able to completely and selectively block the signaling pathways that cause inflammation. Affibody’s unique technology platform is well suited to generate such drugs.


Major advancements have been made in improving the lives of cancer patients. Potent drugs have been developed, and in recent years the increased understanding of the molecular mechanisms of malignant diseases has been a driving force for more precise and effective treatments. This resonates well with Affibody’s passion for precise and targeted treatments.