Affibody Medical Research & Development

In our research and development activities, the strategy is to have a clear product vision that focuses on medical needs, disease targets, and indications where the strengths of the technology platform can be best leveraged.

Our Products

Affibody aims to improve the lives of patients with serious diseases. We focus on indications and target proteins where our technology platform gives us a competitive advantage and where there is a high unmet medical need in well-defined patient populations. We run pre-clinical and clinical development programs in autoimmune diseases and oncology.

In immunology, several clinical studies are underway with izokibep and RLYB116 together with our partners – with izokibep in IL-17 mediated diseases and with RLYB116 in complement mediated diseases.

The clinical results with izokibep has validated the potential of the platform to generate miniaturized multispecific protein drugs  that address unmet medical needs.

In asthma, we are developing a drug candidate targeting TSLP, a cytokine shown to play a central role in the underlying inflammatory processes in moderate and severe asthma. The drug candidate has properties that provide the potential to develop into a long-acting inhaled treatment with efficacy superior to other compounds in its class.

In oncology, we have demonstrated that our drug candidate can effectively target HER2-expressing tumors in patients with metastatic breast cancer. Supported by advanced imaging diagnostics that can distinguish tumor cells from healthy tissue, we are developing a radiation based targeted precision drug for patients who no longer respond to conventional treatment.