Affibody Medical Research & Development

Affibody focuses on target proteins and indications where the platform has the potential to generate drug candidates with significant competitive advantages over conventional monoclonal antibodies. The technology platform has been validated in clinical trials.

Our Technology

How it works

Affibody® molecules are a novel class of antibody mimetics with superior characteristics surpassing monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody fragments. The company has created a large library consisting of more than ten billion Affibody® molecules, all with unique binding sites, from which binders to given targets are selected. Affibody® molecules are only 6 kDa in size and have an inert format (no Fc function). The inherent properties of Affibody® molecules allow more efficacious blocking by using multi-specific constructs as shown in clinical trials in autoimmunity indications.


Affibody’s technology platform offers several key advantages over current approaches, including:

High dose per injection volume

Small size allows for a superior subcutaneous formulation, with, typically, a ten-fold higher dose per injection volume compared to monoclonal antibodies.

Alternative administration routes

Small size combined with robustness also allows for the evaluation of alternative routes of administration, such as inhalation.

High and long-lasting efficacy

Based on the technology platform, it is easy to design multispecific molecules that either have the ability to bind to more than one site on the target protein, or bind to two or more different target proteins, thus providing improved efficacy. At the same time, the molecules bind to albumin, which results in a prolonged circulation time in the body.

A strong and diversified patent portfolio

An active patent strategy is a precondition for protecting the value of the scientific advances that Affibody delivers. The company has successfully established strong intellectual property protection for its drug candidates in all major geographical markets including the US, the EU, Japan and other countries.

Our patent portfolio

  • Affibody has a portfolio encompassing more than 30 active patent families (a patent family is a group of patents and patent applications in different countries that have the same origin).

Our patent strategy

  • Concurrent with the scientific advances made in Affibody’s research and development activities, the company regularly submits patent applications to ensure intellectual property and secure potential future earnings based on the company’s investments.

Our patent longevity

  • Affibody’s patents and patent applications provide intellectual property protection well into the 2030’s.

Company trademarks

Affibody® is registered in the EU, UK, Switzerland, US, Japan, Australia, China, and Republic of Korea and with a pending application in Canada.

Albumod® is registered in the EU, UK, Japan, China and US.

Affibody’s technology platform offers several key advantages over current approaches